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Happy New Year

February 8th, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year! This year, the Chinese New Year is on February 13, 2010. According to the Chinese calendar, this year is 4707, the year of the Metal Tiger, symbolizing power, courage, and determination. It’s a great year to meet challenges and create positive change in your life. The Chinese New Years is a time of renewal and celebration. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, preparations are made by cleaning the house and decorating with red, the most auspicious color. At this time, families gather, and a special feast is prepared. Everyone stays up through the night, and fireworks announce the coming of the new year.

Chinese traditions have developed over many centuries, and the practice of Chinese medicine is no exception. The oldest Chinese medicine text dates back to 200BC, but the oldest archaeological implement associated with acupuncture was found in what is now Korea, dating back to about 5000 years ago!

China has undergone many transformations in its history, through its many dynasties and emperors, as well as in the present age with its booming economic growth and political influence. Acupuncture has spread to be available in most parts of the world. New research has given us insight into how acupuncture works and for which conditions acupuncture can be helpful.

Although most acupuncture today is derived from the same ancient basic ideas, acupuncture practice has branched into many different styles with new interpretations of old theories and even new acupuncture points. Traditionally, there were 361 acupuncture points, but recent counts put the number of acupuncture points at well over a thousand. The landscape of human illness has changed much in the last 100 years alone; the practice of acupuncture has also evolved to address the complexities of staying healthy and fighting disease in modern times.

Wishing you health and happiness in the year of the Tiger!